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《RIVER》 【全职高手】 蓝河中心 anthology
by me & my Thai friends.

This book consists of 车篮(文章), 春蓝(文章) and 叶蓝(文章+漫画). Although all the fan-fiction articles are written in Thai, but I think the comic part by Lulla (Sweet Surrender) is worth showing.

Doing this project is kind of fun! I'd love to spread more and more love for our dear Little Lan. >////<

Also, thanks a bunch to @kangaroow for uploading & sharing these sample pics, and wrote this explanation in Chinese. ↓↓↓

Thank you! ^^


最近跟朋友出了蓝河中心本《RIVER》(我的part是叶蓝文章)。这本应该在泰国曼谷动漫会场 ComicAvenue4 9月30号出的。(有兴趣的可以去看看他们网站 点这) 

虽然书里面完全是泰语,不过我觉得漫画part的可能看得懂也有意思,所以想分享给大家看 preview 一下




CP:蓝河中心 (车篮 / 叶蓝 / 春蓝)

♢ A5 / 100 Pages / 泰语


♢ 车前子 x 篮河:@MPY--Malangporyim 

♢ 叶修 x 篮河: @kangaroow 

♢ 春易老 x 篮河: velvetronica 


♢ 叶修 x 篮河: Lulla (Sweet Surrender) 


♢ 叶修 x 篮河: Ozakaoxygenz  


♢ Lulla (Sweet Surrender) 





P.S. Sorry for my poor Chinese, I do try my best... orz

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We married as a Pro Player!

韩张 恋ダンス paro.

※ Old work ※

Wangbuliuxing and the Meow Meow eyepatch :3

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※ Old work ※
※ Read from Left→Right ※
※ OOC ※ 

It's just my OOC fantasy: It would be nice if Cheqianzi and Lanhe become a couple and argue over these silly topics everyday. XD


Late night doodle on the last day of the holiday before going to face the reality in the morning.

I've watched EP2-3 already. A big thanks to my friend @kangaroow, who lent me her laptop with VIP account, so I can watch the latest EP together with her. (← Don't forget to check out her Lofter. She's a Thai QZGS fan-artist too!)

I kept on bothering about Lanhe's hairstyle in the animation, but now I've drawn Lanhe with this hairstyle two pics already. Maybe I'm a Tsundere.

Anyway, let Ye Xiu (& Junmoxiao) eat his weird haircut! *nomnomnomnom*

※ Old work ※
※ Read from Left←Right ※ 

王 : Haven't you said that you will only catch Pokémon today? Why are you attacking my Gym instead… *sweat*

柔 : Afraid of losing to me?

王 : Absolutely not, you'll run out out of potions shortly.

柔: Then I will collect them from this PokéStop, which is showing a photo of you as a landmark photo. Also, The name of the PokéStop is 'Hero of City B'.

王 : …

Rongyao GO! (荣耀GO)
Wang Jiexi & Tang Rou Quanzhigaoshou x Pokémon GO paro. fan art.

This is my first BG post here. Actually, this is my old work from last year, when I was *ahem* addicted to *ahem* playing Pokémon GO in Thailand. XD

Happy Birthday Tang Rou!

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※ Old work ※

Congratulations on Anime release!

I didn't draw anything new today, so I uploaded my old work from the time that 《全职高手》 was first published in Thailand last year instead.

Thank you for your hard work creating this gorgeous animation! Even though I'm quite new for this novel, I feel greatly happy to see my favorite novel becoming a real animation. Good work!

(I hope uploading this pic at this time won't make people get confused because of the text on the pic. It's my old work since last year. Haha. XD)

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※ Old work ※

On the recently passed Valentine's Day, we Thai Lanhe-fans had created a hashtag #ValentineswithLanhe2017 to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day with Lanhe fan-arts and fan-fictions on Thai social network.

This one is my 车蓝 submission. *shy* (。 >艸<)

(I feel really sorry for other CP fans, I haven't warned you before that I produce many random CPs of Lanhe. Please feel free to unfollow or mute me if I make any discomfort on your Lofter feed. I can understand your feeling. There won't be any problem at all. (・ω・)ง! )

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